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The Corner Guest House

Otel Within a 7-minute walk of Whitby’s waterfront pubs and restaurants, The Corner Guest House offers views of the harbour and Whitby Abbey.

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130 değerlendirme sonucu Fevkalade 9,1/10

The Grove

Otel With free Wi-Fi and free parking on site, The Grove overlooks Pannett Park, just a short walk from Whitby town centre. You can explore the picturesque harbour and ancient abbey ruins.
93 değerlendirme sonucu Çok iyi 8,2/10

Big Sky B&B

Otel A 2-minute walk from central Whitby and 10 minutes from the beach, Big Sky B&B offers friendly accommodation, free Wi-Fi and free parking.

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122 değerlendirme sonucu Müthiş 8,6/10

Mayfields Guesthouse

Otel Mayfields is situated within walking distance of Whitby's historic abbey steps, old town cobbles, and vibrant harbour.
54 değerlendirme sonucu Fevkalade 9,2/10
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