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Insider Tips About Monastiraki Square in Athens

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“Between Monastiraki and Thyssio there's a little street full of restaurants and bar where the food is simply AMAZING. Try tzatziki (cucumber and garlic in a yougurt sauce) or Souvlaki or Mussaka.! :)”


“Shopping in May has the advantage of end of winter sales. I saw ankle boots go from 45E to 25E. Prices are better in Athens than say, Thessaloniki, and Monastiraki is where you'll find sales on shoes, clothes and linen.”

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“Check out the ruins in the train station (down the escalator) and stop for a gyro or two on Souvlaki Row!”

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“super crowded with sketchy people”

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“A little edgy but wonderfully electric as evening approaches. Good area to eat and drink.”

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“A bit edgy but fun. Comes alive at night. Great views of the Acropolis”

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“Be extremely aware of yourself and your surroundings here. This is the pickpocket haven. One of our fellow travelers had his wallet and phone stolen right off the dining table while we ate!”

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“Some nice cafes and loads of shops.”

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