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Nem hivatalos besorolás: 4 Credo Cottages Nagyon jó 8,1 The place was nice and cosy and close to shops and restaurants . Bed was very comfortable.
4 csillag Lochiel Luxury Accommodation Mesés 8,7
3,5 csillag Como Cottage Accommodation Nagyszerű 9,2 Absolutely loved that open fireplace.
Nem hivatalos besorolás: 4,5 Eagle Hammer Cottages Rendkívüli 9,7 Debbie and Ian were very welcoming, it was a wonderful experience and stay and would definitely stay again
Nem hivatalos besorolás: 4,5 Arnica Views Summit Retreat Nagyszerű 9
Nem hivatalos besorolás: 4,5 Merrow Cottages Nagyszerű 9,4 Very cosy cottage, the hosts were very thoughtful and friendly. And the location is beautiful!
4,5 csillag Arcadia Cottages Nagyszerű 9,1 Picturesque surrounds, decor perfect for setting. Fire was sensational and kept us so warm. Felt like in a paradise. Generous amount of breakfast supplies.
4,5 csillag Gracehill Accommodation Rendkívüli 9,7 Betty was so helpful and very kind to my parents
3 csillag Tudor Cottages Kellemes 6,5 Etna Cottage was separate from, and behind, the two larger cottages fronting the road. It was therefore very quiet. Email communications from Tudor Cottages with instructions were very good
Clarelee Belgrave Accommodation Nagyon jó 8,3 I loved being able to walk to the start of the great train race
Nem hivatalos besorolás: 3,5 Belle Le Vie
Nem hivatalos besorolás: 4 Olinda Country Cottages Nagyszerű 9,4 Everything. The owners put the fire on for us every evening. Close to restaurants, attractions and a small IGA.
Devon Guest House Nagyszerű 9,4 The room was large and very comfortable and very well appointed The host was very personable and helpfull Amenities included a "smart TV" with 3D capabilities
Cloudland Nagyszerű 9,4 Cloudland was amazing! Beautiful house and land. Super clean and cosy. Helen was great to deal with and will definately be going back soon!
4 csillag Marybrooke Manor Mesés 8,8 Impressed with the Big Manor Breakfast, asked the chef for barbeque sauce, and he replied "sure, I will just go and make some." We were all enchanted with the interior decoration, sitting rooms, splendid displays of antique furniture, armour and the ambience of the open fireplaces. Staff were extremely friendly, making us all feel right at home from the moment we set foot through the front door. Beautiful location, and I look forward to visiting Marybrooke Manor in Autumn or Summer. I highly recommend a stay in the manor for those of you who need a little spoiling,
Dandenong-hegység, Ausztrália

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