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Hotel Deville Prime Cuiabá Müthiş 8.7 I was there for two weeks during the World Cup. The hotel was full for much of the time but the staff coped wonderfully. I would definitely recommend it.
Amazon Plaza Hotel İyi 7.8
Hotel Gran Odara Fevkalade 9.1
Hotel D'Luca Çok iyi 8.5
Hotel Mato Grosso Águas Quentes İyi 7.3
Pousada Araras Pantanal Eco Lodge Çok iyi 8.4 I enjoyed my stay at Araras Lodge immensely. I was met at Cuiaba airport on time and was transported to the lodge with frequent stops to view and photgraph the various animals along the way. My arrival at the lodge was friendly and welcoming without being overwhelming . I was shown to my rooms which were very rustic but clean. Installed in the room was a simple overhead fan and an air conditioner for which I was very grateful as the temperatures here can occasionally reach levels approaching 40 degrees C. Also provided in the room were an insect and mosquito spray together with a device for plugging in to an electric socket. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were provided in the mixed style of European and Brasilian cuisine, in my opinion there was sufficient variety to cater for all tastes and without doubt I enjoyed every meal. Morning coffee and afternoon tea and cakes were also provided and despite the exercise I´m sure I came away heavier than when I arrived. My group had a very friendly and knowledgeable guide and on the various walks, river and safari trips we were introduced to the flora and fauna of the Pantanal. There were occasions of course where we saw very little of the wildlife but just to be there in the natural world of central Brasil walking or on horseback was an unforgettable experience in itself. I would like to return during a different season, possibly when the rains start to fill the area. The Pousada buildings and surroundings have a rustic type construction and personality which I feel is correct for this type of environment, some would maybe prefer a modern type of city hotel but in the centre of the Pantanal would not be in keeping with the area. Despite one negative comment I enjoyed my stay at the Pousada immensely which was in part due to the friendly, attentive and helpful management and staff, I will look back at my stay with fond memories of a very enjoyable week.
Hotel Tainá Çok iyi 8 Clean, quiet, good breakfast, just in front of the airport. An excellent option if you need to sleep near the airport.
Pousada Lagoa Azul
Pousada Vale das Águas MT
Pousada Penhasco İyi 7.6
Estancia Pantanal
Absinto Motel (Adult Only)
Pousada Paraíso
Pousada Villaggio Olağanüstü 9.6
Flat Cuiabá
Mato Grosso, Brezilya

Mato Grosso 145 tesis

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