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Chateau Mcely Xuất sắc 9,6
Aquapalace Hotel Prague Tuyệt vời 8,7 Overall we likes Allmost everything
Hotel Plaza Rất tốt 8,2 Friendly personnell, fast check-in as everything is well prepared
Hotel Ludmila Dễ chịu 6,7 we have a cat with us, comfortable room. good breakfast. friendly staff
Hotel La Romantica Rất tốt 8,5 Very friendly and helpful reception desk, professional. Perfect Room Service and fast Wifi. Nice guiet room. Delicious Breakfast. The food was very tasty in the Restaurant.
EA Hotel SEN Rất tốt 8,4 The room was very nice with comfortable beds and very spacious. The swimming pool and the jacuzzi are also a plus of this hotel.
Family Hotel Okoř Tuyệt hảo 9,2
Chateau Třebešice Rất tốt 8,4 This is a unique, extraordinary and spelling experience. Albertos & Eugenios setting full of art in an abundant nature (that is allowed to grow everywhere) is a first class insider's tip for nature & art lovers. The rooms are very special (for example a monochrome room) - the food italian. Important: do expect to not find the castle - this is it's secret. It shall not be found at the first glance. At the end you will find it... Behind the tallest trees in the region and behind a castle wall. Don't expect a sign - this is part of the game. I due italiani con il loro team sono simpaticissimi e bravissimi. E sono anche artisti. E un gran bel lavoro che hanno realizzato negli ultimi anni. DA VEDERE E SPERIMENTARE. VALE ASSOLUTAMENTE UN VIAGGIO *****. Con Zdar nad Sazavou e Kutna Hora sono due siti UNESCO bellissimi a poca distanza.
Camping Oase Praha Rất tốt 8
Hotel Kokořín Tuyệt vời 8,7
Villa George Tuyệt hảo 9,1 Fantastic nice family owned hotel, great service, nice breakfast. Wonderful hospitable hosts :) Special thanks for the breakfast :))) Nice little hotel , totally worth the money. We liked this hotel a lot, and next time when we are going to Rakovniki, we will stay here again for sure. :)
Penzion Radost Tốt 7,3 The welcome was very good, receptionist speak english. The location is perfect, just on the park in center of Podebrady city. We tested the apartment, perfect for 4 persons and a double room.Excellent value for money.
Penzion Marina Vltava Tốt 7,9 The staff were wonderful. The position right on the river was perfect and the owls were amazing.
Green Club Tốt 7,6
Hotel Kormoran
Central Bohemia, Séc

Central Bohemia 474 chỗ ở

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