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Lalandia Rødby Resort Jó 7,3 the pool, the bowling, the ski school, the skating area, etc are fun, the nature is great, the baby goats too
Stop'n Sleep Hotel Kellemes 6,5 Vicinity to ferry terminal. Very friendly staff. Clean rooms. Nice, simple breakfast.
Ebsens Hotel Kellemes 6,7 The first thing I did after dropping my luggage off at my room was enter what I can only describe as a truely stunning and very cosy restaurant, it had a very unique feel to it, seconds after finding a seat there’s a waiter at my side, telling me what they have to offer, going with my guts for once I asked the waiter to pick something nice for me, as long as it wasn’t fish, after reciving brief nod before he walked out of the room and returned with my beer moments later. Telling me that I’d be having their renowned weinersnitchel. And boy when he brought it to the table I could see why. I was now facing the largest piece of meat I’ve ever seen, it literally took up the majority of the plate, and the plate was alreaddy fairly large, surved with a nice pile of potatos and peas. And I will not forget to mention the gravy, after eating what I could, I realized there was enough food for two people on the plate, not that I’m complaning. All in all, it was a very comfortable stay. Will diffentaly visit again when I pass by, if not to sleep, most defently to eat.
Bandholm Hotel Mesés 8,7
Skelstrupgaard Apartments, Maribo Mesés 8,9 Travelling further north we needed a place for one night. It was clean and spacious and comfortable and there were swings, trampolines etc. for the children to play with. We would certainly come back again!
Nysted Strand Camping & Cottages Nagyon jó 8,2
Motel Majbølle Gamle Skole Nagyon jó 8 Big Rooms, The manager was so kind and helpfull
Hummingen Camping Jó 7,6 A lot to do for children, a quiet, nice place.
Hotel Skovridergaarden, Nakskov Jó 7,2
Radstedhus B&B Hotel Jó 7,8
Hotel Femern Jó 7,4 Very charming house with nice rooms and a very friendly host. It is located close to the ferry on the countryside, I experienced a quiet night.
Hotel Saxkjøbing Jó 7,1
Oreby Mølle Rendkívüli 9,5
Nakskov Fjord Camping & Cottages Nagyon jó 8,2
Factory Lodge Mesés 8,9
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