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Spa Hotel Rauhalahti Dobar 7,4
Finlandia Hotel Isovalkeinen Kuopio Dobar 7,1 I'd like nothing. Everything alright.
Finlandia Hotel Jahtihovi Dobar 7,9 The staff was extremely helpful! I forgot my luggage in the hotel and they went for the extra mile to get it back to me. Thank you so much! Strongly recommended!
Best Western Hotel Savonia Dobar 7,6 Basic, clean rooms. Slightly shabby appearance, but no complaints. Location not in the city centre, but great if visiting the hospital/university campus. A big plus for the free gym, which was comprehensive.
Spa Hotel Kunnonpaikka Dobar 7,9 Very relaxing place. Nice views
Spa Hotel Kuntoranta Prijatan 6,7 We were able to adjust our beds (electrically) - it' wonderful
Spa Hotel Runni Prijatan 6,7
Tahko SpaSuites Veoma dobar 8,2
Hostel Hermanni Dobar 7,7 We travel with 2 dogs. We payed for dogs 10 euro. It is very nice place to go for a walk with dogs, near lake. We has great opportunity to cook in hostel.
Rauhalahti Holiday Centre Villas Dobar 7,9 A 5 star camping ground with services and good connections to the town of Kuopio. You can even take a water bus to the town and admire the sights on the way there. The beach is nice as well as the possibility to rent boats and water scooters. We hired a hi-end four person cottage which had a fully equipped kitchen and a sauna. The cottage was in a very good condition (recently build) and was super clean.