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Be Live Collection Saïdia Jó 7,4 Everything but the service was reasonable to excellent. The buffet was good enough, the beach was clean, the rooms are cleaned every day. The bartenders did the best that they could, but they need better separation between the cafe and the bar.
Diyafat Bladi Jó 7,6 The Maison d'Hotes or Riyad is a 5-room bed and breakfast house in the Oujda mtedina or old fortress, only minutes from the many souks and bazars within and around the medina if one knows the way through the meandering narrow streets. It is very quiet and you are awakened to the sound of chirping birds flocking to trees in backyards. The staff makes every effort to be helpful. In fact, because of a problem processing a credit card, the young person at the desk on the morning of my departure offered that I just mail a money order once home. This is unheard of and I was extremely touched by this mark of trust. To honor it, I decided that we could still beat the clock if he accompanied me with my luggage to a bank before my Casablanca departure time and it was resolved apparently more to my relief than my host's as he had insisted I should not stress over the mishap and continue my journey.
Hotel La Giralda Elfogadható 5,4
Gîte Raid Oriental Nagyon jó 8,2 The location is beautiful. The rooms are pretty confortable. Good place to stay
Appartement Marina Saidia Mesés 8,6
Azzaifun Kellemes 6,2
Gite Karima Jó 7,5
Holiday Saidia
Hotel L'Aéroport Jó 7,8 Location is good Quiet, clean,comfortable,well decorated rooms Not expensive and surly worthing the price. Staffs were so kind. Easy to the beach "Kariat Arkmane" by our own car.
Appartement Saidia Prestige Jó 7,9
Relax Oujda Jó 7,8
Al Akhawayn
Perla Saidia
Kelet-Marokkó, Marokkó

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