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Portuguese Paradise Islands

The discovery of the Azores Islands is surrounded by many myths, but the official story places it in the year 1431 by Gonçalo Velho Cabral. Since then, they have been settled in different waves of migrations, creating a distinctive identity that mixes local and Portuguese continental traditions.

With their colourful houses, beautiful beaches, green hills and volcanoes, lakes, and rich traditions, the Azores Archipelago is a unique place to explore. Composed of 9 main islands and several smaller islets, their landscape and culture create magnificent settings and opportunities to enjoy.

The volcanic lakes on São Miguel Island offer beautiful beaches, earth ovens, and great panoramic views surrounded by green slopes. Being the biggest island, you will find a wide range of Azores hotels on São Miguel.

The Holy Spirit festivals mark the liveliest season and are celebrated on every island from May to September. Check out the availability of hotels for the Azores Islands on the website during those dates.

On Pico Island, you can climb the 2,351 meters of Mount Pico, the highest point in Portugal. The picturesque city of Angra do Heroismo on Terceira Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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