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Hotel Toftagården Hea 7,6
Hotell Strandporten Suurepärane 9 - Nice location; - tea/coffee Time during the afternoon; - beautiful city and charming hôtel; - helpful staff a part of the first contact!
Snäck Annex Hea 7,3 The bathroom is good for a camping cabin, and there is a refridgerator.
Visby Gustavsvik Hea 7,4 Meeldis ,et asukoht oli enam -vähem saare keskpaigas. Ühel päeval liikusime lõuna suunas ja teisel päeval põhja suunas. Tore, et vanalinn oli kiviviske kaugusel, aga samas siiski nii kaugel, et tunda ennast looduse keskel.
Gula Hönan Guest House Hea 7,1 The Yellow Hen´s accomodation is good and simple. But when it comes to food and service, it is outstanding. The chef has formerly worked in a VERY good restaurant, and the waiters are eager and knowledgeable. Being in the countryside, close to the shoreline, makes this a must-visit for those who do not crave a 5-star room, but have a love for good food. We are definitely coming back.
Slite Strandby Väga hea 8,5 The complex is located at the end of the city of Slite, meaning that it is still only 10 min walking distance from the centre but at the same time peaceful and not overcrowded. It is a new complex of small houses - we had a living/dining room with open kitchenette, small bedroom and a bathroom. Although not very big the house is new and completely enough to meet one's needs for a week time off. There is a mini golf and a swimming pool. We really enjoyed our stay.
Sudersands Semesterby Hea 7,8 Nice place, nice accomodation...
Tofta Strandpensionat Hea 7,7 Great vacation feeling an a lovely and friendly staff
Norderstrand City Camping Hea 7,5
Kneippbyn Resort Hea 7,4 off season, less people, simple with small children