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london, United Kingdom
July 5, 2014

Location Cost is cheap Like renting an apartment Breakfast good with fruit eggs bread coffee etc

Looks a bit shabby but if this doesn't bother you then it is ok Far walk to breakfast Bed was completely caved in! Noisy neighbours


St Albert, Canada
July 4, 2014

We booked a room with private bathroom - good hot water. Good buffet breakfast: cereal, bread, sliced meat, cheese, hard boiled egg, coffee

Very basic room - having to phone for someone and a long wait in the early morning cold to get to room.


London, United Kingdom
June 30, 2014

we stayed here for 2 nights, one day before our 5 day hike and the day after we got back. Important note: You need a mobile phone to call reception to let you in, as there is no reception. We landed at midnight and got to the hotel at 2am in the morning, someone was available to let us in and show us around. Place is what you pay for, a room with the basics. Free breakfast was included which was fantastic- especially if this is a stay over before a multiday hike.


Poole, United Kingdom
June 27, 2014

we were moved into another house which was a lot cleaner than where we had breakfast

wifi wasnt fixed in the new place, overall not that clean.


Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
June 19, 2014

Not the advertised property ended up in someone's attic


Odder, Denmark
June 16, 2014

Located close to the city centre.

The building is in a very bad condition. It was probably built in the sixties and nothing has been done since. We didn't believe our own eyes when we arrived. Luckily we only spent one night there. The breakfast was bad, too.


Cologne, Germany
June 10, 2014

Free parking around the corner

tiny rooms, poor standard, the breakfast is not worth to be called breakfast, windows havenĀ“t been cleaned for years, our room was damaged (looked like gun shooting in ceiling???)


Aviemore, United Kingdom
June 4, 2014


Our room was a fire escape,the window of which was locked and only able to be opened a few inches. Potentially life threatening. As a guest house breakfast should have been included,none was available.The bedding,though clean,was worn and holed.The television did not work,when this was pointed,I was advised that they thought someone was going to come to fix it,no one came. The place is mainly unstaffed and entry can only be gained by telephoning a number which is stuck on a window,there are still some people who do not carry a mobile everywhere and even if they did would their tariff include international roaming. Overall not good enough even taking account of the modest cost. I could not recommend the PAVI


Windsor Gardens, Australia
May 27, 2014

This place advertises exactly what they offer. Yes, they are cheap, & the building is a bit old. But their description of their facilities is honest. The only reason you would have a problem with this place was if you expected 4 star service, from a budget hostel. Breakfast was really good.

Make sure you have a mobile, as you need to ring them when you arrive. There is no reception. I didn't know this prior to arriving & got caught out.


baughurst, United Kingdom
May 16, 2014

Excellent value for money


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