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Pennan Inn 0 stars


Dunoon, United Kingdom
July 23, 2014

Owners are doing a great job with the hotel. Friendly staff and great food which is all locally sourced. The location is stunning and once the daily visitors have departed a really peaceful spot.

Parking can be difficult but the village was never designed for the motor car, which is part of its charm.


Modena, Italy
July 14, 2014

The Location is breathtaking. The owners are very nice and their hospitality is "special". We have been so happy being there one night.


Bellerive, Australia
June 22, 2014

In such a lovely setting in such a quaint little town, So quiet and peaceful.


Quinta do Anjo, Portugal
June 18, 2014

The location, the beautiful old quirky building, the (Local Hero)atmosphere of the whole place, red telephone booth included. Excellent evening meal. Kudos to the young couple who saved the Inn from dereliction and battles to keep it going everyday!

Not to be faulted on the Inn, but the iconic red telephone booth should be treasured by BT and kept according to the best standards. Unfortunately it's not - it's even the innkeepers who do maintenance to it. BT, please rise up to the challenge of keeping this telephone booth in pristine condition!


Karridale, Australia
June 17, 2014

great coastal setting


Toowoomba, Australia
June 10, 2014

The hotel was great because it was unexpected - it had a remote feel however it was what appealed to us - the food also was very good ! Thank you - Malcolm and Lynette Bond .


Bristol, United Kingdom
June 2, 2014

food, welcome, general friendliness

not as many "locals" in the bar as I had expected; but that might just be a coincidence


huddersfield, United Kingdom
May 28, 2014

quirkiness of location and Local Hero link. Value for money. Ambience and welcome/interaction with owners and staff. High quality food and service. Excellent facilities in hotel. superb locality scenery and traffic-free roads!

remote location but benefits made it no problem and in fact enhanced some aspects.


Algiers, Algeria
May 19, 2014

Nice spot. Friendly staff. Excellent Cullen Skink and a good collection of film posters from '83. Red phone box is outside although for the film they added another one on the jetty


Kenilworth, United Kingdom
May 4, 2014

Excellent location just a few yards from the harbour and right on the seafront. It is the only place to stay in the "Local Hero" village of Pennan and neither the hotel nor the village disappointed. A visit to cherish for ever.


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