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Sunset Tower Hotel 4 stars


Las Vegas, United States of America
July 9, 2014

The valet guys rocked. They were very helpful!

Room was a bit small.


Southend On Sea, United Kingdom
May 27, 2014

Everything: Service, atmosphere, food, location. 10/10


Venice, United States of America
May 2, 2014

Nice terrace and room

I got charge $7 for a small bottle if water...shame on them...leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth


Luzern, Switzerland
April 19, 2014

The style of the place was so classy and the staff were really friendly and helpful - genuinely nice people.


Brisbane, Australia
March 24, 2014

The staff were very helpful and catered for our needs and was in a central location


New York, United States of America
January 25, 2014

This is our favorite hotel of all time. It is beautiful, comfortable, and well-located. We love the art deco restaurant and bar; Nespresso in your room and complimentary breakfast by the pool in the morning are huge treats. The hotel could not be more perfect.

We were disappointed that the restaurant was not able to accommodate our request for a table by the window and then forgot to find us half an hour after our reservation (we had come early for a pre-dinner drink)--a beautiful table, which was still empty when we left, was obviously being held for a celebrity. We ended up eating at the bar. The maƮtre d' said he would make it up to us, but this seems to have been an empty promise.


Saratoga, United States of America
January 6, 2014

Doesn't yet have an electric vehicle charger, but a public lot a few blocks away does have Blink.


Cork, Ireland
October 15, 2013

The bed was very comfortable and staff were excellent

Room was very very small


Wellington, New Zealand
October 7, 2013

The Tower Restaurant is the most glamorous I have experienced in LA. A lovely suite, very comfortable.


Santa Clara, United States of America
September 9, 2013

Access to Sunset Strip and core areas of Hollywood; pricing of room service not bad; history of hotel; in-hotel spa; friendliness of staff; streamlined room decor, nice bathrooms; large wine/beverage fridge. Electronic door access (don't slide your card, just tap it).

Staff lacked proactivity; they have entry stairs and sometimes will let people lug their own luggage up and down versus offering to help; or will let people open/close the heavy doors for themselves even though they're standing right there. You'll call ahead for your car and come down and valet has no idea and you have to give your # and wait again. (Valet people were perfectly nice; just not always doing their job even when there's no crowd of guests.) Room service food choices limited; limited hours. Terrible in-room tv, old rickety phones and chairs; terrible beds. Awful sound proofing; you can hear everything in the hallway - including cleaning ladies and guests chatting and going into/out of their rooms. while design of room is deliberate there are certain details that should be updated and the excuse of "historical" does not apply. "Historical" is the lovely dome and plasterwork around the ceiling perimeter of your room; not the dark and awkward armoire that swallows your clothing like a blackhole and has cheap lingerie hangers or the sad and dark wallpaper, or the worn out blackout drapes that have gaps in the backing so light gets into the room when closed. For the price you're paying you can get a Four Seasons room that's much nicer, more comfortable, more updated, with more on-point service. Definitely not value for money. You're buying location convenience, and an image, but it's pretentious, where Four Seasons is authentic, high class, and genuine, without being rundown.


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