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The Handforth Lodge 0 stars


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
June 29, 2013

Not a lot.

Almost everything about the place is shabby and run down. Would never, ever recommend it to anyone.


Belleville, United States of America
June 11, 2013

Close to airport / shuttle £10 and 10 min early

Nobody knows where this is and £40 cab fare to Manchester Central


Bradford, United Kingdom
May 29, 2013

It was cheap .. Ish

When we arrived the car park was full of dog muck and weeds (not a great first impression). We had to ring a bell to get in and it took them nearly 5 minutes to answer the door. We then checked unclimbed up the stairs to the "only en suite" in the hotel. It was nearly 20 degrees outside so as you can imagine the room was got. I tried to open both windows and they where broken. I then had to go back downstairs and explain we needed the windows to open. The gentlemen shrugged and half attempted to look for a fan before telling me we would have to move to another room only it would have a shared bathroom. He told me he would give me £1.50 back because it was not en suite. We entered the bedroom on the ground floor. The curtains where hanging off the pole and outside our window we had a direct view if the car park including a nice old bed and mattress dumped outside. We decided to unpack and get on with it as we did not want to complain again. So we sat on the bad and realised it was broken. It dipped in the middle. I tried to ring other hotels in the area but couldn't find another room so we where stuck there. The sheets where filthy the carpet, ceiling and walls stained the window ails had about 3 months worth of dust and leaves on them. We went out to a wedding feeling unclean, we checked the bathroom which had mould and mildew and the toilet filthy. You couldn't even clean this as the toilet brush was quite frankly a health hazard. When we returned home and went to sleep without covers on as they where dirty I woke up in the morning I discover a. Family of spiders in front of me on the cabinet. We left as u imagine at 9am and didn't even contemplate breakfast as the dining room looked filthy with mould. This hotel is quite possible one of the worst I have ever slept in. I would not recommend this to anyone who has standards. We should most defiantly have being refunded and I possibly would not have even stopped there for free


Manchester, United Kingdom
May 21, 2013

Not alot

Most of it


Portsmouth, United Kingdom
May 8, 2013

Nice and friendly!!


york, United Kingdom
May 2, 2013

The parking was good.

The staff could hardly speak any English. The room was very small. The tv did not work. There was only continental breakfast and it was only on till 9am. I wish we had known that it was only continental when booking it.


boston, United Kingdom
April 26, 2013

beeing able to come and go as we pleased. casual breakfast .


Derby, United Kingdom
August 26, 2013

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
April 10, 2013

United Kingdom
February 16, 2014

Free wifi

No cooked breakfast, what is that?


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