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Trinitas Cambridge 0 stars


Leiston, United Kingdom
November 6, 2013

Clean comfortable room and very helpful manager

Steep stairs


GUILDFORD, United Kingdom
October 17, 2013

the check in process was smooth and the manager very friendly (it is an unmanned hotel); it was good value for money and close to the city and work districts of Cambridge.


Berwick upon Tweed, United Kingdom
September 16, 2013

The efficient thorough and courteous way that I was spoken to/contacted.

My personal choice would always be to have a bath rather than a shower- but I hadn't asked on booking. Also its nice to sit in an easy chair. Having run conference centres for 30 years i find it a bit odd not to have eye contact with a staff member.


london, United Kingdom
August 18, 2013

I stayed 1 night at Trinitas and really liked the place. Nice looking comfortable room close to the center, very clean. The room was of a high quality, not what I was expecting at this price range. The bed was med/soft and I slept very well. The staff where very helpful. The Wifi was very fast on my mobile, which was a bonus. The walk to town by the river was wonderful. I spent my first night at a large Hotel in the center at twice the cost, wish I had spent both nights here.

There really isn't a bad thing to say about the guest house itself.


Dublin, Ireland
July 23, 2013

They have fresh towels.

Exorbitantly pricey for a bedsit with no breakfast - not a hotel. Tiny shower. No ventilation - had to open window and noisy traffic, way too hot and humid inside and could hear everyone else in other rooms even for slightest noise. Falsely advertised as a quiet venue. No staff. No breakfast. Just phone calls and texts complaining about money even when following instructions about leaving money in room. Partner and I slept one hour both nights - never again. Avoid this place at all costs. Hostels much better or bed and breakfast - can stay in swanky hotels for less cost - 90 sterling per night to stay awake with no breakfast, no ventilation, noise and no contact with personnel. I am graduate of a Cambridge college and a lecturer - disgusted by it. Worse accommodation experience ever.


Glasgow, United Kingdom
June 26, 2013

clean, location not far from city centre

noisy. some sediments and chalk-like materials in the tap water.


Oxford, United Kingdom
May 25, 2013

Good location. Clean.


United Kingdom
November 2, 2013

Clean rooms, parking on site.

I was concerned that there was no person in residence, as a solo elderly traveller I felt a bit uneasy especially in a ground floor room with door to outside. I was thankful for the text contact, but what would have happened if I had no signal of battery was down, as it nearly was. It was not worth £70 per night with no breakfast provided.


United Kingdom
August 7, 2013

It is too expensive for a bed and "no breakfast". They don't show photos of the outside of the building in the ad, and so, you don't realize it is a house. For me It was an unpleasant surprise.


United Kingdom
March 31, 2013

Quality rooms at this price range, I come to Cambridge every 6 months for work and at this price range trinitas is about the best place I have stayed at. Med soft memory bed i sleep like a baby. Close to the center.

For the price nothing. I am not a serial moner.


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