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San Juan

Greater Antilles, Puerto Rico (71 properties)

from $42.40 per night

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46 hotels, 10 apartments, 7 resorts, 7 guesthouses, 2 villas

San Juan

San Juan, Argentina (20 properties)

from $32 per night

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12 hotels, 6 apartments, 3 hostels, 2 inns, 1 condo hotel

San Juan de Alicante

Valencia Community, Spain (11 properties)

from $55 per night

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4 hotels, 5 apartments, 2 villas, 1 guesthouse

San Juan del Sur

Nicaragua (41 properties)

from $17.50 per night

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18 hotels, 6 villas, 5 guesthouses, 4 hostels, 3 resorts



Old San Juan

San Juan, Puerto Rico (13 properties)

San Juan Beach

Alicante, Spain (5 properties)

San Juan

Manila, Philippines (1 property)



Juan Santamaría International Airport

Juan Santamaría International Airport, Costa Rica (31 properties)

San Juan - Cuyo

San Juan - Cuyo, Argentina (21 properties)

San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport, United States of America (20 properties)

Luis Munoz Marin

Luis Munoz Marin, Puerto Rico (30 properties)


Places of Interest



Hotel Hacienda Don Juan  

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico

This San Cristobal hotel is located in Chiapas, Mexico. The hotel offers guests a concierge services, with information on area activities and attractions. Rooms at the hotel have a fireplace. Hotel Hacienda Don Juan rooms include a private bathroom with shower. More


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