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Barcelona and Food: A Love Story

Lorena Fernández is a curious person. A little introverted, a lover of details and a fan of everything that is simply, beautiful and delicate. Her interests are reflected in her photos: delicately composed images that capture moments of calm and beauty. Lorena's unique outlook documents a side of Barcelona rarely seen.

Cafe patrons learn towards each other, talking quietly beneath cavernous ceilings; a woman sits alone, surrounded by the debris of a successful lunch but transported somewhere else by her phone; a man falters mid-step, eyes drawn to a warmly glowing window of jewel-coloured cakes.

Lorena's journey through Barcelona's eateries was taken on foot, through quiet streets that erupt onto busy throughfares. It's the story of a city in search of a balance between the public image of a vibrant tourist destination, and the calm, private, lives of it's residents. Mostly, though, Lorena's journey is a love story.

Chök the chocolate kitchen

Carrer de les Ramelleres, 26, 08001 Barcelona, Spain


Lorena: "Chök specialise in all things chocolate but it’s their doughnuts that make this little bakery a must."


Carrer del Marquès de Barberà, 24, 08001 Barcelona, Spain


Lorena: "Trópico is a beautiful restaurant that offers tropical-inspired cuisine and amazing juices."

The Green Spot

Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 12, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


Lorena: "The Green Spot’s supercool vegetarian menu makes it one of the most original restaurants in Barceloneta."


Carrer d'Aragó, 287, 08009 Barcelona, Spain


Lorena: "Restaurant, cafe, concept store: Wer-Haus brings cool Berlin to Barcelona."

Granja Petitbo

Passeig de Sant Joan, 82, 08028 Barcelona, Spain


Lorena: "Thanks to it’s interior design and delicious brunch menu, Granja Petit Bo gets more popular every year."

This photo journal was a collaboration between Lorena Fernández (@nasualua) and Unpacked.