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Something wicked this way comes…

Feeling brave? Said to be amongst the most haunted in the world these destinations really are to die for.

Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland

A trip to this castle’s underground tunnels will really give you chills. When they were first discovered hundreds of years ago, a bagpiper was sent down to explore, but vanished halfway into the maze, never to be seen again. Apparently the sound of ghostly bagpipe music now echoes through the tunnels as his spirit searches for freedom.

Castle of Bardi – Italy

This Italian castle was the site of a tragic tale of love and despair. The daughter of a lord falls in love with a knight, but after a particularly bloody battle hears rumours that her love has died. Distraught with grief, she jumps to her death from the battlements. In a sad twist, the rumours prove to be false, leaving a grieving knight and a haunted lady who to this day wanders the castles in search of her true love.

Salem – Massachusetts, USA

Prepare to be bewitched by the city of Salem. Famous for its part in the mass hysteria that swept America, Salem’s witch trials resulted in the imprisonment of hundreds of people and dozens of executions. Legend has it that the souls of those wrongly sentenced now haunt the streets, searching for justice.

The White House – Washington D.C, USA

A trip to the most famous address in America isn’t just popular with the living. Presidents, first ladies and staff have all reported strange noises and ghostly apparitions. Even former president, Abraham Lincoln, has been spotted staring out of the windows of the Oval Office or sitting by the fireplace in his signature top hat.

Alcatraz Island – San Francisco, California, USA

The ghosts at this notorious prison are anything but friendly. Once the holding place for some of America’s most infamous criminals, dozens of prisoners met an untimely end on the island. Their souls are said to restlessly wander the cellblocks, chilling visitors with whispered conversations, blood-curdling screams and sudden drops in the temperature.

New Orleans – Louisiana USA

Voodoo, vampires and lost souls can all be found in New Orleans. Many of the local spirits have a friendly reputation, preferring to entertain the living with bursts of music and laughter. The exception is those that haunt the infamous LaLaurie Mansion, where grisly scenes of torture were revealed at the home of some of the city’s most well known socialites.