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James Bond’s favourite hotels

From Connery to Craig (yes, and Lazenby too), James Bond has always had a timeless appeal. Smooth, charming and deadly, he’s the ultimate understated man of action. And when it comes to homes-from-home, one thing’s for sure – 007 always travels in style.

We’ve searched through the listings to put together a list of Bond’s hotels down the years, from Hong Kong to Miami Beach, from Goldfinger to Skyfall.

The Peninsula Hong Kong – Hong Kong, Hong Kong

When a hotel has a gleaming fleet of Rolls Royces painted in its own signature colour – Peninsula green – you know that it’ll meet 007’s lofty standards of living. The cars in question appear in The Man with the Golden Gun, when Bond tracks agent Andrea Anders’ Rolls through Hong Kong in search of the villainous Scaramanga. You too can taste that luxury with a spin round the city in one of their fleet – or go all out with a trip in the hotel’s bespoke helicopter.

Hotel New Otani Tokyo the Main – Tokyo, Japan

James Bond may have only lived twice, but most of us just get the one go. That’s why you shouldn’t miss the chance to stay at the New Otani. This hotel was the set for the headquarters of Blofeld’s Osato Chemicals corporation – and when you see it, you’ll know why. It’s pure Bond villain, with a near-sinister revolving restaurant overlooking lush Japanese gardens, complete with a waterfall.

The Langham London – London, UK

For a hotel so steeped in English tradition, it comes as something of a surprise to see the Langham cast as St Petersburg’s Grand Hotel Europe in Goldeneye. Yet there it is, in all its faux-Russian glory, posing as a real hotel that’s actually located some 1300 miles away. Inside, it’s very much Union Jack territory – in fact, it was here that the oh-so-English custom of afternoon high tea was born.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach – Miami Beach, USA

The iconic Fontainebleau Miami Beach is the setting for the opening scene of Goldfinger. As the credits fade, the camera pans across the hotel’s colossal, pearl-white curve, drawing viewers into a haven of true Miami Beach opulence. Inside, hotel guests can come over all Goldfinger, lazing by the pool while plotting world domination. For more immediate gratification, the Fontainebleau offers up nine restaurants, two nightclubs and a spa.

Canary Riverside Plaza Hotel – London, UK

In the opening scene of Skyfall, Bond goes for a night-time dip in the rooftop pool of his Shanghai hotel. Only it’s not Shanghai at all – the scene was filmed in London’s Canary Riverside Plaza Hotel. It’s only through camera trickery and scene splicing that viewers are hoodwinked into thinking that 007 is in China at all. Nonetheless, the night vistas from up there are spectacular, with the city lights reflecting off the waters of the Thames.