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The Best Nerdy Hotels for a Romantic Weekend

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So you’ve fallen for someone just as obsessed with hobbits, witches and/or space as you are. Then is there any better way to celebrate Cupid shooting his arrow through your geeky hearts than by having a romantic weekend getaway at one of the nerdiest hotels in the world?

Gamers: Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam

The Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam

The recently-refurbished Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam is the world’s first (and currently only) video game hotel for a true playcation. This gamer paradise contains video games galore, a comic book library, gaming headsets, giant flat-screen TVs, a virtual reality corner, VR games, and every kind of modern and retro console imaginable.

With an obsessive eye for detail that we can only admire, all the rooms in this hotel are labeled as 1-player, 2-player, etc., and have names like Luke & Leia “for when you need some space” and The Fantastic Four because you’re “stronger together than apart.”

Wizards: Georgian House Hotel in London, UK

The Georgian House Hotel in London

The Georgian House Hotel in London

No matter how many plaques Edinburgh might put up, for most fans London is the true home of Rowling’s famous Boy Wizard. Take a few selfies at Platform 9 ¾ in Kings Cross, then head to the Georgian House Hotel where bookers will find two Harry Potter-themed rooms.

The Wizard Chamber is hidden behind a bookcase and can be reached by following a long, portrait-lined passageway. Inside you’ll find plenty of magical touches like stained glass windows, four-poster beds, school trunks, cauldrons, and an open fireplace.

Robots: YOTEL Times Square in New York, USA

YOTEL in New York

YOTEL in New York

YOTEL is inspired by space travel and Japanese capsule hotels. A Midtown Manhattan hotel run by robots, YOTEL’s most famous employee is a former industrial robot that now stays busy during its semi-retirement by moving bookers’ luggage around the hotel.

While the YOBOT may turn heads, it’s the attention to detail that really makes YOTEL stand out. Highlights include a self-check-in desk known as “mission control,” a “tech wall” in every room (complete with every kind of charging port you could need), and built-in flat screen TVs that are perfect for watching WALL-E as many times as you want.

Hobbits: Woodlyn Park in Waikato, New Zealand

Woodlyn Park in Waikato

Woodlyn Park in Waikato

Set in the Waitomo Caves, Woodlyn Park is a series of furnished apartments with kitchen facilities specifically designed for Lord of the Rings fans who don’t mind living together. These underground hotels are built into the side of a hill and have circular windows that truly capture the essence of Hobbiton at its best.

The individual kitchenettes are perfect for preparing first, second, and even third breakfast. Ask the staff to help you set up a tour of the Waitomo Maori Glow Worm Caves, said to have inspired the filming of Aragorn and Arwen’s love scene.

Astronauts: Fantasyland Hotel in Alberta, Canada

The Fantasyland Hotel in Alberta

The Fantasyland Hotel in Alberta

The Fantasyland Hotel’s many themed rooms include a space room, a jacuzzi, and capsule bunk beds – for bookers to recreate their favorite Red Dwarf episodes. For adrenaline junkies, the hotel is linked to West Edmonton Mall’s indoor Galaxyland amusement park and World Waterpark, which includes a surf simulator and other attractions.

#BeABooker and book your trip today.

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