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Vienna + Shopping: A Fresh Perspective

Irina Peicu makes time for the things other people overlook. Those moments when the tip of a head, the adjustment of a lens, reveals a fresh perspective.

Fuelled by a love of fashion, food, and photography, Irina Peicu turns her gaze to one of Vienna's most popular shopping malls.

Transforming elevators into futuristic shuttles, or framing rows of subdued, rainbow-coloured clothes, there’s a sense of melancholy to Irina’s photos of the city’s shopping district.

But there is also an adventure playing out between the vacant gaze of a vintage store dummy and the portrait of a pensive young woman, perched precariously in the mannequin’s lap.

A unique appreciation for the ways that Vienna, a city steeped in the past, can still surprise us.

Landstrasse Mall

Landstraßer Hauptstraße 1B, 1030 Vienna, Austria


Irina: "Landstrasse Mall is full of well-known fashion stores and nice restaurants."

Ramsch & Rosen

Neubaugasse 15, 1070 Vienna, Austria


Irinia: "Ramsch & Rosen is a small vintage shop, packed with quirky antiques."


Burggasse 24, 1070 Vienna, Austria


Irinia: "A super photogenic fashion store/coffee place, burgasse24 is perfect for vintage fashion fans."


Margaretenstraße 35, 1040 Vienna, Austria


Irinia: "Feinedinge it is the most beautiful atelier shop, I love the clean modern aesthetic."


Dürnberger OG, Neubaugasse 18, 1070 Vienna, Austria


Irinia: "The photogenic façade of Bonbons will transport you back in time as you shop for the perfect souvenir."

This photo journal was a collaboration between Irinia Peicu (@irinahp) and Unpacked.