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  • 西班牙貝尼多姆 10 間最佳海灘



One of the most important beaches in Benidorm.
avda. de madrid
馬爾帕斯海灘(Malpas Beach)
當周遭海灘都霸氣綿延數英里,馬爾帕斯海灘(Malpas Beach)卻與眾不同地嬌小,就像是岩岸上一座小巧可愛的沙池。在沙灘上享受陽光,曬出小麥肌,然後沿著石階走上地中海陽台瞭望台(Balcón del Mediterráneo Viewpoint)。
Mundomar 海洋世界
如果你喜歡親近動物,歡迎來這裡曬著太陽觀賞海豚秀。Mundomar 海洋世界每日提供兩場精彩的秀,全年無休。提早預訂還可以跟海豚共同悠遊!除了海豚,這裡還有狐獴、狐猴、鸚鵡以及企鵝等動物,讓全家大小都開心。
Levante Beach
Levante Beach is all about fun in the sun. On two kilometres of pristine sand, rows of parasols shade snoozing holidaymakers. In the crystal-clear waters, sunbathers cool off and speed merchants whizz past on jet-skis. Top up your tan, then grab a bite in the lively beachfront eateries. For night-time frolics, boogie on down at Penelope club.
Poniente Beach
Easy like a Sunday morning. Poniente Beach is an altogether more chilled affair than its fun-loving neighbour, Levante Beach. It’s here that beach bums soak up the Mediterranean rays in peace. Grab a fried brekkie at Jarrow Lad café, then stretch out on a sunbed and let the sound of lapping water drift into your dreams. And… relax!
Terra Mítica
Ancient thrills and classical spills. This theme park combines the seemingly irreconcilable worlds of rollercoasters and the great empires of antiquity. Zoom high above the Colosseum on Inferno and splash down on Falls of the Nile. At Labyrinth of the Minotaur, go in search of history’s most famous bull-headed beast armed with a laser gun. Mythical and legendary!
Splash! This waterpark serves up umpteen ways of plunging into a pool of water. For adrenaline junkies, there’s the aptly named Verti-Go and the discombobulating Zig-Zag. For lazy bobbers, there’s bubbly Grand Jacuzzi Iguazu. And for those with a competitive streak, there’s the multi-laned Splash. Into other kinds of refreshment? Kick back with a cool drink at the bar.
Terra Natura
Ever had a mighty hawk perch on your head? How about meeting a scaly, venomous gila monster? If these animal encounters are on your bucket list, look no further than Terra Natura! This zoo lays on a steady schedule of shows, meet-and-greets and feeding sessions with some of its 1500 creatures. Over fifty of the species here are endangered, too. Catch them while you can!
讓所有海灘都相形失色的阿爾加瀑布區,讓人們除了海水和沙灘之外還有其他的清涼去處。距離貝尼多姆僅僅 15 公里,阿爾加瀑布區是一片未受破壞人間仙境,有著的瀑布、噴泉和水池。您可以先在光滑的河邊石頭上享受日光浴,然後跳入清澈的水中消暑一下。
萊萬特海灘(Levante Beach)
若你想在貝尼多姆最出名的海灘曬太陽,你必須早起才能佔到位子。你可以從他們提供的 5000 張躺椅中租一張宣誓主權,也可以直接就地而躺。隨著時間流逝,你會發現整個沙灘很快便被人群佔滿,變成像由亮色毛巾和海邊遮陽傘拼湊而成的一塊彩色拼布。
波尼恩特海灘(Poniente Beach)
馬爾帕斯海灘(Mal Pas Beach)
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They are very long, clean and sandy beaches. Not too deep. Unfortunately, there are no beach bars or clubs on the sand. It would be absolutely perfect but there are only these disgusting British places that smell bad and the crowd is quite dodgy.
The beach walks are excellent because of the flat promenade with bench seats a short distance apart all the way with palm trees shading you from the sun if necessary.
It was great for sunbathing, the beach was clean , lots for the kids to do such as volley, the nets were up ready to use, enjoyed the boat trips and water sports
it was very clean and organised and really close to amenities, and only a two minute walk from our hotel and had a shaded liberary area and mobility access.
We used Benidorm as a cheap base for a rock-climbing trip to Costa Blanca. It is cheap, but it is a grim place! Be warned.
We were extremely lucky with weather so took advantage and actually sunbathed and we are talking almost November!
Lush Golden Sands with 3 Beaches, my favourite being Cala Mal Pas - a small cove beach at the top of the Old Town
The poniente area of Benidorm is the quieter bay and the beach had lots of space. It was immaculately clean.
Beautiful clean beaches very relaxing but a bit pricey 12euro per day for 2 beds and 1 umbrella.
Clean, large well patrolled large amounts of sun beds and parasols €4 for the day


Once just a secluded fishing village, Benidorm has really come into its own. Tourists flock here to relax on the beach in their finest swimwear and round off their evenings with some quality time out – which is easy in this party capital because there is an endless selection of clubs and bars. Nowadays, there are even three family-friendly theme parks, and music festivals (check out the indie music Low Festival in July). Want a break from beach bumming? Head to nature park Sierra Helada and hike along the rocky cliffs by the glistening sea.
Benidorm has always been a top destination when it comes to sunny skies and sandy beaches, and with around 320 days of sunshine each year it’s only the most unlucky visitor who’ll see a drop of rain. The resort’s bustling bars and restaurants make the perfect end to a lazy day of sunbathing too – what could beat a spot of tapas and sangria on a balmy Mediterranean evening?
Once a quiet fishing village, Benidorm has been transformed in recent decades to become the premier sunbathing destination it is today. With all the amenities of a big city combined with dazzling sunshine and a mediterranean sea breeze, all you need to do is lie back and soak it all in.
Benidorm's white sandy beaches are bathed in sunshine almost all year round, while an endless streams of outdoor bars are on hand to cater to the sunshine loving tourists. In August especially, you can look forward to high temperatures, little rainfall and plenty of sunshine.