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Hoteles de playa en Playa de las Américas

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Ir a la playa es una experiencia totalmente diferente para cada persona. ¿Qué piensas tú de la playa de Playa de las Américas?

Avistar ballenas entre tenerife y la Gomera. Expectacular !!!
Me gusta el verano e identificó playa y verano
La mejor de Tenerife
In general find playa Americas overcrowded with poor restaurants and bars. They stand in front of their property and approach you to get in. Is a bit tacky and food in most places very poor and went to the nicest places to try. In the end stayed only 2 days and moved to a Luxury Resort in Playa Adeje at a lower room rate, with fantastic food, facilities and services.
A pretty beach to relax on. Careful on windy days though, the sand gets blown up into everything and can be quite annoying. It is really close to supermarkets and shops so if you want to top up food/drink it's easy!
La Vista beach, soft sand, safe bathing, beach walk around cove, loungers & sun shades to rent, toilets & showers on beach, bars and restaurants close by, sport areas available.
lovely clean golden sand easy entrance into sea, plenty of sun beds however still space for people wanting lye directly on the sand
Close by lots of beach choice, our favourite was Duque
Beautiful views and a relaxing surrounding.