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Hoteli na plaži u Nici

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Aktivnosti Nica

Promenade des Anglais
After falling in love with the sweeping vistas of Nice’s Bay of Angels, some aristocratic English holidaymakers commissioned this seafront promenade in 1820. Take a sun-drenched stroll down Promenade des Anglais (“Englishmen’s Walk”) to feel the heartbeat of the city. Whether you seek beaches, bars or brasseries, you’ll find them on what locals today call “La Prom”.
Le Vieux Nice
Nice’s Old Town is a place to ditch your map, wander the streets and soak up every last detail. From narrow alleyways to bustling squares, this neighbourhood is awash with the friendly charm of the Côte d’Azur. Stop off at an outdoor café, order up a cool drink and watch the world go by.
Castle Hill
A trip up Castle Hill is the perfect way to crown your seaside promenade in Nice. Sitting at the end of Promenade des Anglais, the hill looms large over the city. Climbing the steps can be a challenge, but the views make it all worthwhile. From the top, the panoramas over the rooftops and the sweep of the bay are stunning.
Nice Harbour
Nice’s port sees swanky yachts and humble dinghies come and go – which makes it the perfect place for an afternoon stroll. As you wander, see what colourful characters you can spot going about their business – or leisure. Then stop off for a drink at a seafront bar and dream of seafaring adventures.
Šetalište Promenade des Anglais
Promenade des Anglais
promenade des Anglais je pitao putnike...

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The beach is a stone beach so bring your swim shoes if you have them. You can buy them for €10 at a shop across the road from the beach. It is difficult getting in and out of the water if you don't have these. Lovely for swimming not so much for surfing or boogie boarding and the kids would find it boring as there is no sandcastles! Also not safe for small kids as there is a big drop a few steps into the sea and then your out of your depth. So really Nice beach is more for adults and teens. The sea is aqua blue just fab, with a lovely sea breeze. So relaxing and nice. No loud music, its a real chill out zone. You will pay €22 for a lounger on the beach club associated with your hotel or €44 if not. There are public beaches (free) but you would need a padded beach mat for comfort when sunbathing as the stones underneath are big. You can buy these at the local shop too.
Most of the beaches were quite pebbly, however many of the small restaurants on the beach provide seating or at least more comfortable beach mats to sit on. The beach is very short ~20-30m from the promenade.
The water is a beautiful colour and temperature. Be aware that it is a stone beach (not sand or pebbles). Having shoes to wear in the water and something to sit on would be very helpful!
Wonderful waves. Great fun for the children. Lido Beach was brilliant. They had toilets and you could leave your valuables (small fee). They also had parasols for rent etc.
Beautiful blue sea, fresh air, sun, warm weather. It's just great. The private beaches especially. They're about 20 EUR per day per person but it's totally worth it.
There were lots of separated sections of the beach coast line in Nice. Some were free and others charged for the use of sun loungers. Some had showers, waiters or were managed by restaurants or hotels. We had different experiences on different sections which was like being in a new resort.
There is no sand only little pebbles so a top tip would be to wear rubber sea shoes, the is also a steep decent into the water so not for the light hearted or weak swimmers.. But the water is amazingly fresh and clear and we'll worth a dip
Beach is stony not sandy which is a shame. Lovely long promenade . old town a delight. Parking in Nice can be difficult. easy to vista Cap Ferrat , Cannes and Monaco from Nice.
It was December :) Although it was quite nice and sunny weather and there were even few people swimming - we did not dare to join: +5C is not my favorite water temperature :)
I enjoyed walking and sitting on the boardwalk, watching the pepole and the sea. I also sat on a lounge soaking up the sun and the sound of the waves

Prednosti grada 'Nica'

The sweeping Promenade des Anglais is the place to get your groove on. It's the site of several festivals throughout the year, including music fest La Prom’ and Carnival.
Šljunčane plaže
If you want to stick to Nice’s public beaches, head over early to find a spot above its famous pebbles, or 'galets'. Private beaches usually provide sun loungers and some have decking, lockers, and restaurants.