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Tennivalók Tulum

Parque Nacional Tulum
This national park is famous for its ruins on the beach. Located just off of highway 307 about an hour drive from Playa del Carmen.
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A strand mindenkinek mást és mást jelent. Mit jelent Tulum strandja az Ön számára?

The beaches in Tulum are chill and incredibly beautiful. No noisy spring breakers or rowdy kids to break the spell of the sun and water. Not crowded at all even during high season. The sand is soft, white and clean and the water is a beautiful Carribean azure. Great place for adults who want to relax.
relaxation, sand between my toes, cool ocean breezes, crabs, hatching sea turtles, fresh coconut milk, moon rises, skinny dipping in the moon light, pieces of coral in the sand, restaurants on the beach, waves to play in, Xcanan !............
White sand and blue warm water BUT be warned Tulum has a seaweed problem at the moment, we found the best beach for swimming in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere just south of Tulum which was almost completely deserted as well.
The beach was nice but there is lots of seaweed that washes ashore. The hotel works hard to keep it clean though. The bottom is sandy but with coral patches that are sharp and hard to walk on.
Wide sandy beaches, easy to swimm, clean, the turquise waters you always dream about....with luxury dining all around.
A beautiful caribbean beach with very few people, smooth sand, great water and a very relaxed attitude.
most beautiful ocean n beaches in Tulum....must build resort to incorporate much beach life
Almost the best beach i have ever been, on the right from ruins, Paraiso Playa.
Lovely quality sand. Sea was shallow and calm.
Pure romance! The perfect honeymoon location!