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The beach is about four (4?) miles long, and there is plenty of room to spread out. There are people of all ages and families, some multi-generational families. The waves are fun to play in but could be too rough for very young children. You can spot dolphins swimming offshore most days. Food and restrooms are adjacent to the beach. This is not a beach with a crowded boardwalk and a big arcade and rides. There is a promenade to walk. It is clean, peaceful, and relaxing.
It was not so much the beach in cape may but in Wildwood.They haven't modernized which sometimes is a good thing. I was able to talk to my granddaughter and relive my childhood in the 50's. We could dicuss eras of music and life in that time period and make it a fun,educational experience.Was listening to Bobby Vinton over their loud speakers as we strolled the boardwalk.The good ole days 1 last time.
Cape May has a great beach staffed by lifeguards that faces open ocean. The majority of our time there, the ocean was like a big tub. Warm and fun. On a couple of days, the wind swell kicked up and made things like a washing machine. When it's calm, it's awesome for families. If there's some swell, the beach has a fairly heavy shore break that could surprise you. All in all, it's a great, fun beach!
We love the beach and the Jersey shore. It brought back memories of years gone by when we used to go to Cape May. We haven't been in more than 20 years and Cape May got very commercialized - that was a downer.
Great beaches for swimming and families. You have to pay for beach tags and they WILL check. However, this means the beaches are very nice and clean & bathrooms and outdoor showers are easy to find.
this was the first beach which I had to pay to access...very disappointing.
Wide, sandy beaches, ideal for families. Laid-back atmosphere.
Quite, clean, nice sand, warm water, fun waves.
Sun bathing, swimming, family fun.
great waves with little under tow