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Чим зайнятися Сан-Франциско

San Francisco Duck Tours
Your tour begins as you board the "Duck" (DUKW), an original, refurbished World War II Amphibious landing craft. Over the next 90-minutes, your Captain will take you on a wacky journey through the neighborhoods of San Francisco - Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown, North Beach, South Beach, Union Square, Soma, China Basin, etc.
2800 Leavenworth Street
Intersection of Haight & Ashbury streets
This area is famous for its role as a center of the 1960s hippie movement, a post-runner and closely associated offshoot of the Beat generation or beat movement, members of which swarmed San Francisco's "in" North Beach neighborhood two to eight years before the "Summer of Love" in 1967.
Intersection of Haight & Ashbury streets
Olympic Club
The Olympic Club is a country club with three golf courses located in Daly City, California. The club's main "City Clubhouse" is located in downtown San Francisco. The club's "Lakeside Clubhouse" is located in Daly City. The two clubhouses are separated by about 10 miles. The three courses at The Olympic Club are the Cliffs, Lake, and Ocean courses. The Lake and Ocean are eighteen hole par 71 courses, and the Cliffs is a nine hole par 3 course that is on the bluffs of the Pacific Ocean. All three courses are lined with many trees (almost 40,000 on the Lake course) and offer views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park. The United States Golf Association recognizes the Olympic Club as one of the first 100 golf clubs established in the United States.
599 Skyline Boulevard
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If you want to surf in Ocean Beach, make sure you bring your booties if you don't like cold water. Plus be aware of the strong currents. Also, be in a good shape before getting in and if in doubt don't go, the paddle out is nuts. OB is a gnarly surf-spot when it's on fire.
We love the fact that the city had a beach right there in the heart. We cycled out across Golden Gate Park to Mission Beach to watch the sun set. Truly amazing and great to dip a toe in the chilly Pacific Ocean before leaving this beautiful city.
Golden Gate bridge views, and eating San Francisco's famed seafood after a long walk!
Bakers Beach!
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