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Do breakfast and lunch on the cheap- get bread and fillings from the supermarket for just a couple of Euros, it is brilliant! Do free activities like the Rijksmuseum if you are under 19, and hire bikes which works out so cheap!
Book early and do your research..don't get caught in the tourist trap of over priced things close to the red light area.
Use the tram, very cheap and run every few minutes.
Buy take-away food at the local supermarkets.
Get a GVB transportation Card
Use bikes
Trams and Trains. Keep basic Euro change on you at all times - 24 hour tram is around 7.50 euro 1 ride is 2.90 euro there is machines outside stations but they accept certains cards or only change. They're in English aswell as Dutch. Amsterdam isn't a massive city and it is possible to walk to different places. I spent most of my time walking as you get to see the city. Locals speak English and are willing to help you get places. Also there are free maps in main tourist areas you can pick up that highlight different areas. If your willing to hire a bike do not be under the misconception that it is a leisurely ride. The bike lanes are on busy roads with their own traffic lights and also share a Lane with mopeds and scooters.