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Travel Predictions 2024

Our 2024 travel predictions highlight that travel isn’t just an escape, but a catalyst for experiencing our best lives. With data from a global study involving 27,000 travelers across 33 countries, explore our top seven 2024 travel predictions, including local market insights from the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, the US, and Latin America.

We’ll (re)invent ourselves

You've heard the phrase "new year, new me," right? It may be a cliché, but now it’s more relevant than ever. A whopping 68% of travelers believe they transform into the best version of themselves while roaming, but which version of themselves do they choose to showcase? With 62% relishing the anonymity that travel offers, 37% telling fictional stories about their lives, and 57% exuding "main character energy," travelers are adding an element of intrigue in 2024. For their adventures, 42% would even consider renting a fancier car than what they drive at home.

We’ll dive into retreats and cooler waters

With the warmer weather, over a third of travelers (36%) are looking to water-centric getaways. 75% of travelers find instant relaxation by the water's edge. Turning to sanctuaries rather than riverbanks for solace, 20% of travelers are curious about health retreats, while 14% are interested in psychedelic retreats. In general, 18% are looking to deepen their connection with themselves. For some, a quiet night's sleep is the priority, enticing 58% toward sleep-focused retreats, while 48% express intrigue in tantra retreats, wanting a deeper physical connection with their partners.

We’ll surrender to the unknown

52% of travelers want to book trips where the destination remains a mystery until they arrive. Seeking an escape from the everyday, 56% are inclined to go off the beaten path, and 34% are willing to travel with strangers. We’ll also see a noticeable shift from planning to spontaneity. A majority (55%) prefer to embark on their journeys without set plans, while two thirds (69%) opt for loose itineraries, allowing them to adapt as they go. With this, AI is set to become a mainstream feature of travel next year. 48% of travelers now trust AI to plan their trips, a trend exemplified by's AI Trip Planner.

We’ll savor fresh and familiar tastes

When it comes to culinary adventures, 78% of travelers hunger for fresh flavors over the tried and true. Half are planning their trips around specific restaurants or dishes, with 61% prioritizing learning about the origins of a destination's iconic dish. Tech is also reshaping how we enjoy food, with 46% seeking immersive "phygital" (physical plus digital) dining via VR or AR. While 63% are fascinated by innovative plant-based options like 3D-printed vegan steaks and mushroom "foie gras." Over a quarter of travelers (27%) are open to hiring personal chefs next year, with Gen Z leading the charge at 37%.

We’ll enhance our relationships

In 2024, travel will see a profound transformation driven by a collective thirst for deeper connections and self-discovery. 24% of travelers want to strengthen their bonds with their partners. Travel will rekindle relationships and ignite new romances: 39% seek matchmaking trips, while 35% hope to heal heartbreak overseas. However, solo travel is also booming, with 59% looking to venture alone. Even parents are joining the trend, with 58% planning child-free trips, prioritizing self-growth. Men in particular are embracing solo travel (63% compared to 54% of women).

We'll prioritize affordable luxury

Travelers will balance budget constraints and luxury cravings. 47% may take children out of school for off-peak travel, and 46% plan to reduce tips. 50% plan to pay for trips with credit cards to help spread out the cost. 39% of pet owners would bring their pets along to cut pet-sitting costs. But just because we’re counting pennies in 2024 doesn’t mean we can’t look fabulous. 34% of travelers would borrow designer clothes and accessories from family or friends to wear on their trips to avoid paying the price for luxury tags. However, over half (54%) would pay for accommodation upgrades, and 47% are willing to invest in flight or train upgrades – just as long as it doesn’t break the bank.

We'll choose sustainability and hidden gems

The world of travel is poised for a sustainable makeover. Over half (53%) of travelers are seeking accommodations that blend comfort with innovative sustainability features. They crave the serenity of nature indoors, with 65% wanting green spaces and plants in their stays. Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it's a lifestyle. Travelers appreciate eco-friendly options and, even more so, app rewards for making sustainable decisions (60%). Authenticity is key, with 47% eager to connect with locals in less-traveled areas and 44% venturing into less touristy spots.

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