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Car rental in Szczecin

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Car rental companies in and around Szczecin

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We’re here for you

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Free cancellation

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5 million+ reviews

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Car rental in Szczecin: things to know

The most booked company over the past month


The most popular to book

Premium car

Average daily price for Premium car

$77 per day

2 days

Typical rental term
One of the most visited landmarks in Szczecin.
District of Szczecin where our customers prefer to stay.
A beautiful view of Szczecin

Frequently asked questions

Based on the average daily cost of $54, a week will cost about $378.

Based on the average daily cost of $54, a month will cost about $1,620.

Based on our bookings, there are 2 rental car companies available in Szczecin, including:
  • Express
  • Europcar
Yes, you can. There is just one airport in Szczecin: Solidarity Szczecin-Goleniów Airport. Based on our bookings, there are 8 car rental companies available there, including these:
  • panek
  • Keddy By Europcar
  • Hertz
  • Europcar
  • Rentis
  • Avis
  • Express
  • CarFree Rent a Car

We make it easy to find a rental that’ll fit your needs. Here’s what we offer:
  • Huge selection of cars – from compact vehicles to SUVs
  • Support in 30+ languages
  • Free cancellation up to 48 hours before pick-up time on most bookings.

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