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Samarkand & Bukhara , Uzbakistan

8 days ago

take cash with you , since almost no where accept cards.
maybe a hand full of hotels take VISA card , and thats it.
there are ATMs but many other give a limited 200k ( 20$) cash out , or they have ran out of cash.
my experience with UZcell sim card that I bought in Tashkent airport wasn't good, very poor reception and very low quality internet coverage , mostly on E or 3G if lucky. maybe better use Beeline , and take it fro city outlets.
Vegetarians can ask for various salads but without meat.
Chaka is also very good , that is a strained yogurt.
Uzbekistan is very cheap for western travelers. women are free and its a secular Muslim country.
Yandex app works in Tashkent but they take cash.
in Samarkand I used "Taxi Ok" app. its hardly 1$ per trip.
enjoy the silence and vast streets with low population with beautiful historical sights repaired to perfection.

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