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Havana: places to stay as a family, medium budget

1 month ago

Hello! My name is Gabriela. We travel as a family. Four adults and a four-year-old. My aunt is 87 years old and mobility problems (use cane) we were seeing if it was better to stay in downtown Havana, old Havana or the closed. I'm sure we'll have to use quite a cab for her and from what I see they're quite expensive. What do you recommend?

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United States of America
1 month ago

Check prices at Beautiful apartment in Miramar.

30 days ago

Hello! The taxi is not expensive.. I went in December and it was 10 cuc, don't turn it into Argentine dollars now! Ha ha ha, if you already had them, it's a reasonable price. From the gate to Old havana you're 15, 20 blocks away. You might want to look for something closer to old havana, which is where most of all the attractions are, and one day you rent a taxi to go all the way.
I stayed in the closed zone and it's beautiful, super quiet and safe.