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Best day-time activities in Malta?

1 month ago

Does anyone have recommendation for the best day-time activities to do in Malta?
I am traveling with my family and will be staying near Valletta.
We will also have a car there.

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1 month ago

The best activities in Valletta is going to the tourist board on Merchant Street and get information about the historical town of Valletta. Once you are familiar with Valletta take the hop on hop off bus to get acquainted with all the other locations of the island. There are two routes and also a habour cruise. Renting a car is the worst what people can do in Malta. The traffic density is extremely high and traffic is slow. Unlike Germany we drive on the left. I met so many tourist who were frustrated with driving in Malta. Some were even having problems with their navigation to find the way. Places are often not properly postsigned and the whole of Malta is like driving in a big city like Munich. Therefore public transport is by far the better solution. Transport Malta offers the explorer card for tourists.