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5 days in NY what places should i visit ?

8 days ago

Hi, i'm going in NY to attend a conference at the end of the March. I've 5 days to see all the spots, can't stay any longer cause i've deadlines on my projects at work.
I would really appreciate your opinions and advices, not interested in museums. first of all i think city bus tour would be best idea, i always regret that.
can you recommend spots for nightlife ?

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8 days ago

i'll recommend nycrawl if you are looking for a night life tour in NYC they also got a website which you can read all teh stuff about it here's the link https://www.nycrawl.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiAp5nyBRABEiwApTwjXmZFOT_2ZcwLqQmnqMf5Cm5orGHuT7_1-fh-Pt8w3UVjn8VesY_DjRoCXAMQAvD_BwE