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Alojamientos ideales!!!: places to stay as a solo traveller, low budget

10 days ago

I see that reservations for Cuba are not working through Booking. Can anyone tell us what the problem is? Are there any other alternatives? I'm planning my trip by the end of January or February and I'm going to Havana and Cienfuegos. Maybe Santiago. Thank you for the information.

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Good morning, if they work, why do you say no? I've made like 8 hotel reservations for this summer 2020 that I'm going to Cuba for 3 weeks....I also spoke on the phone to a Booking commercial and told me they were new in Cuba but it worked perfectly. Greetings.

8 days ago

When I filed the complaint, Booking didn't roar. However, Cienfuegos now offers only four accommodations. And that's all friends.