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What to do 3 days in Carlos Paz? (Friends — Easter)

11 days ago

Lugares para visitar?
Transporte $?

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10 days ago

Good morning. If they're near the Carlos Paz terminal, you've got collectives everywhere. There is the air-conditioned Fono Bus which takes you to the most beautiful beaches in the area (Cuesta Blanca, Ichu Cruz, Mayuj Sumaj). There is also the bus that goes to Villa General Belgrano (the white bird) that usually leaves in the morning and comes back at 19 hours. It takes about 2 hours for mountain ranges and lakes, and in the villa you can enjoy typical food with craft beers. They are close to almost everything!! La Falda, Mina Clavero or Capilla del Monte who has Uritorco Hill! In front of the terminal is the tourist office, there they give them a map and they can advise them! It's a beautiful place, enjoy it!