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Havana: places to stay as a solo traveller, medium budget

11 days ago

Hello I will travel to the habana this month, some place they recommend me to stay?

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9 days ago

Hello Mario, the first thing is that if you go to Havana, in mode three B, nice and cheap, it will be complicated and depending on your standards, by area, in my case, I prefer Old Havana, if it is a place with a better view. I advise you to book well in advance as you will get your preferred area and lower prices, in terms of prices it is very varied, whether it is a hotel, apartment or private house. Look and cross-reference sites, compare different websites and reserve having secured what you seek

8 days ago

Enzo Backpackers is close to Plaza la Revolucion and you can take the bus to Old Havana it is Hostal is good cheap and nice

5 days ago

Hello Mario, the hostels (family home) are the best option