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Spain community


15 days ago

We have a booking for 15 people to Calpe, Spain on April 24-2th for my hen party.

It's obvious that right now, even considering travel is not a wise idea.

Twice I have emailed Bookin.com with no repsonse, I have asked on the fb page with no response and called the villa twice as advised on B.com homepage.

I am being told not to cancel even though we need to as it's not advised to travel ,I have asked if we can waiver the cancellation charge as it's out of our control but being told no by the villa and it's down tgo B.com.

At this point, cancellation fees shouldn't even be an issued if we are being advised by the government not to travel.

Please advise if this £300 fee will be removed and I can get all our money back.


We understand the current situation may force you to change your plans. The best way we can support you is by visiting the Help Centre since that way we can look into your existing bookings.

Help Centre https://secure.booking.com/help.html

Please be aware that due to the current circumstances, it may take us longer than usual to respond to any queries you send us. We thank you for your patience as we are trying to prioritise people with imminent reservations.

United Kingdom
12 days ago

A generic response doesn’t help as I have tried all of this.

https://Booking.com have been no help whatsoever.

7 days ago

Can I repeat my suggestion of 4 days ago. Don't cancel. Email https://Booking.com regularly, emphasizing first that the holiday you bought is no longer available from the villa (they're called the Trip Provider in https://Booking.com language); and second that you expect a full refund by the date of the start of your holiday. If they haven't replied as that date approaches, I think you should email them again saying that if they don't refund by the start date then you will raise a dispute with your credit/debit card issuer.
In the meantime, you could also call your card issuer, explain the situation, and get some re-assurance from them that they will raise a dispute with https://Booking.com if necessary. For them to do that, you'll have to provide them with all the confirmation emails, proof of payment, etc. But with luck, you'll not actually have to go that far.
https://Booking.com cannot hold on to your money for a service you purchased that is no longer available.

United Kingdom
7 days ago

Hi Paul
Thank you. We received an email last night from https://Booking.com to inform us that the villa had changed their name from “Villa Caletta to Villa Calleta- Plus holidays”

Wondering if there’s a particular reason for that especially now?

I’ll take your advice, thank you