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Vietnam community


17 days ago

If you coming to Vietnam from the US be warned they might want to hold you until they test you! As I came in today we hade a serious issue where there were trying to quarantine Americans for 14 days but finally they said stay at your hotel and self quarantine yourself.

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United States of America
16 days ago

I am a US citizen. I flew from the US to Taipei on March 11. Then from Taipei to Da Nang, Vietnam on March 15. When I landed in Da Nang, they told me I could not enter and would have to return to Taipei, but I would have to go on the same airline (VietJet) but their next flight is not until 2 more days - March 17th. I am now in a detention room, forced to pay $100 USD per night. It was either this or go to their hospitals for a 14 day quarantine. VietJet should have not flown us and left us here without an option to leave for two days. They said because we flew VietJet, we had to leave on VietJet.