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Sightseeing and fun

21 days ago

Hey, guys.

I'm looking for tips so I can visit tourist attractions and have fun at the end of the year 2 days in Guayaquil, 2 Salinas and 5 days in Montañitas.

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21 days ago

Consider kenya

16 days ago

Of the three places you're going, I don't recommend Guayaquil. The heat is intolerable all day long, extremely humid and the city is quite insecure, you can't get away from the tourist area.

15 days ago

Plan to visit Tanzania a place where you can have sightseeing with a lot of fun

12 days ago

Let me know when you go there, I've got remaining accommodation vouchers with an included personal 24/7 concierge service

10 days ago

Visit Nepal if you dream of Everest.
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