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17 days ago

I got it return my car rental tmm what sure I do with all this epidemic going around?

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You are able to cancel your booking if you decide you no longer want to rent your car. Almost all https://Booking.com rental bookings come with free cancellation as standard, although you need to be aware of two conditions:

- If you cancel at least 48 hours before your rental is due to start you will get a full refund.

- If you cancel less than 48 hours before your rental is due to start you will pay a cancellation fee. Please see your rental terms for details.

If you paid a booking deposit, or booked a Dollar/Thrifty car, the rules are a bit different. Please see your rental terms for details.

To see your rental terms, access your booking, enter your email address and car reservation number, then scroll down and click the rental company’s ‘Terms and Conditions’. You’ll find the cancellation policy under ‘Important Information’.

Of course, if you’ve booked a car somewhere that your government advises against visiting, or you’re in an area you’re not allowed to leave, you’ll get a full refund (including any booking deposit you may have paid) if you cancel anytime before your rental is due to start.

You can cancel via live chat or over the phone. Call 020 356 46725 from the UK, or +44 20 3320 2609 from other countries.

If you’re rethinking your travel plans as a result of the outbreak, remember that you can change the timing or location of your car rental free of charge.

Live chat: https://cars.booking.com/ContactUs.do

https://Booking.com car rental Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: (https://www.booking.com/cars-covid-19-update.en-gb...)