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Where is it best to buy tickets to the parks in Orlando Florida?

6 days ago

Hello, everyone! I'm from Colombia and I'm planning to visit Orlando I've got everything ready but I'm not sure where to buy park tickets, I don't know if it's better to buy them online, at the hotel where I'm going to stay or buy them directly at the park lockers. Someone who's already gone to Orlande who can help me with a good orientation. Thank you!

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5 days ago

Buy from park savers. Com that's where I bought mine from tbey are cheaper and a reliable company, I recieved our park cards a week after purchasing. Also groupon has a great deal if you are going to visit universal studios on ur trip if u are a groupon select member u can get an additional 15% off of your tickets!!

2 days ago

What is "savers" from the park?