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Cuba solo - looking for insights

9 months ago

I'm really dreaming on going to Cuba solo. Got a lot of info on how safe and doable it is. But also about lack of internet connection - as stupid as it sounds, I'm really worried about ending up somewhere and not being able to get out because of it. Another topic would be if anyone knows how much more expensive taxi collectivo are compared to buses, as it seems more reasonable for certain areas :) Any advice is highly appreciated!

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9 months ago

Cuba is very safe for alone girls. Best way to travel around is to get transport at your accomodation. They are reliable and local people may show you places hidden from tourist crowds. Best to agree the price before. May not be the cheapest, but for sure the best as they always bring you from place A to place B without hassle and waisting time. They also stop on the way for you to take pics or a swim.

Hello Agata I'll tell you that Cuba is beautiful, cities, beaches and mountains are magical, you'll love it.
All cities are safe and with a lot of human heat.
The internet can be used in parks and hotels and in houses like ours for hosting.
Collective taxis are the best option, same bus price and faster.
If you come to Trinidad, you can't miss it, we invite you to stay at our house, Casa Sofia sent you the link.