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Bangladesh: places to stay as a couple, low budget

9 months ago

Any recommendations for places to stay in Sreemangal and Coxs Bazaar? Low in price :)

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9 months ago

Sreemangal is part of shylet you can stay in Grand sultan amazing place but exepensive, i mean everything else will be cheap so i would recommend that or you can go for much cheaper option : Sreemangal Tea resort cheap chearfull

Places to see in shylet : Ratargul Swamp Forest, Tanguar Haor, Luvachora ,Jaflong , Sathchori natinal forest , Bisnakandi .

you can go to above places within 3 days , make sure you go to shylet town to feel the culture and hassle and vassle

Cox bazar : Golden tulip is the best hotel , marmaid beach reseort is good its on our site, our site has some good hotels

Cox bazar beach is amaizing
Sonadia island
100 Feet Buddha

people in bangladesh are really nice , dont expect beautful places but the culture and the people makes bangladesh worth visiting

12 days ago

seagul hotel best in business in cox bazaar,
must stay at this property
awesome ambience and world class infrastructure,
no language issues,
super room service and authentic cuisine with all tastes available from continental in buffet to ala card

12 days ago

green-park-tea-resort is cheap and safe, friendly and well mannered