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corona and non-refundable hotel

11 days ago

I dont think so hotel I have booked had an option to refund money due to any issues....
However I have booked hotel in Amsterdam and now we are lock down in the UK.
My travel company will not cover my hotel cause I have got them to late :(

What should I do? Please help

I really hope I can at least re-book my hotel

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To cancel a booking you’ve made, please follow the self-serve options.

When you made your booking you will have received a confirmation email. In that email you’ll find a button that says ‘Cancel your booking’. From there you will be redirected to a page with your booking details where you can choose the option to cancel your reservation. If you have free cancellation you won’t pay a fee.

Another way you can do this is by visiting our Help Centre and signing in, using your https://Booking.com account.
Select the relevant booking and you will see your cancellation options, including those newly added due to the travel restrictions related to the pandemic. If your booking is not eligible for free cancellation, please contact the accommodation directly to see if they are able to make an exception. Their contact details can be found in the Help Centre.

Help Centre https://secure.booking.com/help.html