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Travelling from Havana to Varadero

1 month ago

How easy is it to travel in Cuba.
I have 3 weeks and am trying to work out a route.

69.9 miles
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Nestled between the Escambray Mountains and the Caribbean Sea, Trinidad enjoys a phenomenal location. Bobbing in the azure waters of Playa Ancón , just 12 km from the city center, it’s easy to understand why sugar barons decided to set up shop in Trinidad.
Trinidad’s nightlife is a manageable mix of places to dance and hear traditional music. One popular place is La Canchánchara. Housed in a mansion dating from 1723, it’s named after a regional drink made from lemon juice, honey and rum, served in glazed ceramic pots. Meanwhile, the terrace of the Casa de la Música is a great place to enjoy a beer or a mojito under the sun or dancing to a live band at night.

1 month ago

Don't go to Varadero, it's not worth it