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Travelling with children itinerary

9 days ago

We have 2 weeks in Japan in early April with our 3 kids and are planning to spend a few days in Tokyo before travelling to walk the Magome to Tsumago trail and stay near Nagiso. We then have a few days in Kyoto.

For our remaining days we have 3 nights currently booked in Kawayu Hongu to spend some time walking some of the Kumano Kono and to try the local Onsen. It is a long way from Kyoto and from Tokyo for us to then return afterwards to fly home. We are wondering if this is a bit far to travel with the kids so would greatly appreciate any other places you would go instead of Kumano Kono (although I still really want to go!) after visiting Kyoto before heading back to Tokyo.

Thank you

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United Kingdom
7 days ago

I think it depends on how old your kids are.

There are 2 recommended routes based on Kumano Hongu Taisha. They are not very difficult courses.
If you get tired, you can get local buses.

If you go to Kyoto, then I recommend visiting Arashiyama. (Perhaps you've already planned it ...)
In early April, you will be able to see lots of cherry blossoms.

Or why don't you visit Nikko from Tokyo?
You will find interesting creatures' sculptures on Toshogu Shrine and your kids will like it.

United Kingdom
7 days ago

Thank you so much for your advice. Kids are 10,8&4 years. I’ll have a look