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Should I travel Ho Chi Minh this week?

16 days ago

Hi, I am Levi, I am from Peru. Currently I'm in Bali, this is my last week. I have a flight on March 23th to vietnam. I have been in Thailand, Malaysia and China one month ago. I wonder if I will be allowed to enter. I wish I could stay more time in Bali, but I need visa extension for 30 days more and I am afraid here the coronavirus cases are not detected because weak health system different to Vietnam

16 days ago

Levi, I’d advise you to read the forum “How safe is it to travel to Vietnam with Corona Virus?” Scroll right down to the bottom to read the many posts in the last 2 days from people on the ground in Vietnam and those who have tried to enter. The situation is constantly evolving and this thread seems to have the most frequent updates.

Thank you very much for your reply.