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Best Places in Beirut

1 month ago

What are the best places to visit in Beirut, when on a short visit end of October?

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15 days ago

You should focus on St. George Marina and everything from Marina up hill. In Marina you have Music Hall with live music shows, restaurants and promenade. Directly from marina you'll find new buildings with different architecture, and with pricey and exclusive restaurants. On a way is shopping mall Suok and then escavations from Roman period, churches and mosques, from different era. On a top of hill is Presidential Palace. On the left side is Armenian Street with lot of restaurants, bars, caffes with reasnoble price. I think that is too far to go to Armenian quarter. On a right side is Hamra, also with same things but more in Arabic maner. There is a street with the same name which use to be a "Champs de Lise" of Beirut but now it is not. In Hamra is American University in which is excellent Archaeological Museum. Bring some document so that you can come in side a campus. If you are keen to go litlle bit far away is Raouche Rocks, to come in sunset for good pictures. Actually you can walk from that place to Marina.