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Tips for an amazing trip.

1 month ago

In Havana: Bishop's Street and NOT heed those who lead you to the "Good Social View Club" is horrible and they charge you very hard for a cocktail in a place that falls apart.

In Varadero: I recommend an all-inclusive hotel, in addition to being beautiful, in these hotels you are very well served on their private beaches.

He's got Euros or Canadian dollars. No American dollars. There's a foreign exchange rate in Cuba that drives anyone crazy, and they always overcharge you for being a foreigner.

Otherwise very rich, highly recommended.

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16 days ago

Hello!! I was told it's better to bring Canadian dollars, what do you think? Or better euros? If you remember the change I thank you very much, greetings

8 days ago

At the airport for 50 euros I got 53 Cuc